Profit BootCamp Your Cash Management Solution

Empowering entrepreneurs to transform their business from a “Cash-Eating Monster” to a “Money-Making Machine!”

Can you relate?

If you’re like most business owners, you love what you do and you enjoy your “craft” (i.e. giving massages, designing websites, being a life coach). What dulls the luster of all that joy, however, is no doubt having to deal with ALL the financial and administrative aspects that go hand in hand with being a business owner. Am I right?

Most people aren’t CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and most people don’t have a thorough understanding of finances, bookkeeping or taxes. Many people are intimated by numbers, so instead of facing their fears they bury their heads in the sand and try to ignore all things financial.

Because of the lack of proper education in this area, business owners generally end up spending money without knowing if it makes the most sense for their business or even if they’ll have enough funds to cover the expenses. They don’t know exactly how much comes in or goes out of their businesses each month; they don’t know if they’ve made a profit or taken a loss; and most of the time they aren’t even paying themselves a paycheck.

Without this imperative financial education and support, the majority of entrepreneurs end up owning “expensive hobbies” which take up all of their time and energy with little to no financial reward to show for it. Or worse yet, they became yet another statistic where their businesses fail because they ran out of money and their debts were too high.

Does this sound all too familiar? Are you:

  • Living direct deposit to direct deposit?
  • Waking up in the middle of the night worrying about money?
  • Wondering if you’re going to have to go back and get a J.O.B., because you’re not making enough profit?
  • Lacking enough money to live the life you set out to live when you started your business?
  • Drowning in debt?
  • In desperate need of the ultimate cash management solution?

You’re not alone.

Unfortunately most business owners are struggling with their finances.

Even though you’re in good company, something has to change. Draw the line in the sand. You owe it to yourself, your business, your family and your financial future to make a commitment today to not be just another statistic. Instead, decide you’re going to have a strong business where every day you get to do what you love and be financially rewarded for it. Today is the day your business becomes healthy.

It’s easier than you think.

Great news!! You don’t have to be a CPA, love numbers or spend a lot of your time tracking your money to have a thriving, profitable business!

As your profit strategist, my goal is to empower you to get complete handle on your finances in the easiest, most streamlined way: the “Profit First” way. I want you to be able to spend your time doing what you love and focusing on the activities that bring in the money.

Just wait to see how easy it really is for you to have: 1. financial awareness and 2. system automation.

Imagine yourself:

  • Transforming your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine
  • Having a clear idea of your finances where you know how much it costs to run your business, you know what’s coming in and going out, and you finally feel a sense of peace.
  • Having a compelling profit strategy in which you have a clear plan to reach your revenue targets so everything actually seems possible and simple. You even be able to easily track your monthly numbers to see how you’re doing and what adjustments need to be made.
  • Having everything running on autodrive. You’ll have an automated tracking tool which pulls your bank’s transactions.
  • Eliminating your debt. You’ll be telling your money where to go instead of it telling you where it went. You’ll be working your debt-reduction strategy and seeing the momentum growing each month. Imagine how empowered you’ll feel seeing your profits increase and your debts decrease.
  • Enjoying tax time. You’ll have organized and up-to-date records and payments so all you have to do is fearlessly hand them off to your tax preparer when it’s time.

Let me teach you.

I invite you to participate in The Profit Bootcamp where you’ll become financially empowered. You’ll experience the peace and hope that only comes from knowing the exact state of your business and having a plan to increase profits, reduce expenses and pay off debt. You’ll be able to find, save, make and keep more of your hard-earned money and increase your profit month after month.

The #1 stressor in life is money problems. The #1 reasons businesses fail is lack of money management and education.

But you can be different. You WILL be different!


Profit BootCamp helps you discover the step-by-step Profit First system that shows you how to radically change the financial health of your business……from your very next deposit.

  • Weekly Webinars: Each week, we’ll meet via an hour long webinar to learn and implement a core financial management strategy using the Profit First Methodology. [Each webinar will be recorded] Course will continue for 6 weeks, with one hour phone calls on Wednesdays.
  • Private Facebook Group: In this online Facebook forum, I’m here to support you and answer your questions in near real time and without having to pick up the phone.
  • Accountability: The action of enforcing a plan or system with someone else ensures you are more likely to stick with it.

If you’re ready to draw that line in the sand, commit to transforming your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine and gain a sense of financial peace, then I’ve got exactly what you need!

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VIP DayIncome Breakthrough Session

Your business’ finances are the lifeblood of your business, yet setting up your financial success never seems to make it high enough on the priority lists. You know it’s important, but because it seems so daunting it gets put on the back burner.

  • During each of my previous VIP Days, business owners have always been amazed at how quickly their finances dramatically improve after simply getting a full picture of their current reality and creating a profit growth strategy.
  • Let me amaze you as well. I’ll simplify the process for you in one day instead of taking months or even years to tackle the forbidden and forgotten financial to-do list.

Are you ready to make a change in your business?

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