The Hidden Profit Financial Strategy

~ Financial Strategy ~ Bookkeeping ~ Tax Preparation ~

Does this sound familiar?                                                   

You have a business that you love and you really enjoy what you do. But you’re not a numbers person, or you realize that your time is best spent serving your clients and working on money-earning activities. Not focusing on the number crunching so you never get around to creating a financial strategy for your business.

Yet, you also know that the key to a financially strong business is being completely aware of your numbers, tracking your money, finding ways to increase income, reducing unnecessary expenses, and maximizing your profit margin. So that you can MAKE and KEEP more of your hard-earned money!

Can you relate? Do you find yourself:

  • Losing sleep, worrying about whether you’ll have enough money to live this month and to pay your bills?
  • Worrying about whether you’re doing things right according to the IRS, if you’re going to owe them a lot of money, or if you might ever be audited?
  • Taking the “head-in-the-sand” approach when it comes to your finances, which you know is sabotaging your success?
  • Just throwing your receipts into a shoe box or in random places (like your desk, your purse, or completely lost for good?)
  • Spending hours (or days!) getting ready for tax preparation, because you avoided it all year? And then feeling frustrated with yourself because you realize you’re losing so much revenue because of this wasted time and missed deductions?

We all know this is not the way to run our business.  And we know that if we’re stressed about our finances and money management, that it impacts almost every other aspects of our life — our sleep, our health, our family household, and our relationships.

We also know that if we continue along the same path, our business most likely will become yet-another-statistic, as 80% of businesses fail within the first three years.

You’re not alone!

So please know that you’re not alone. Most businesses are losing out on income and profit and are stressing unnecessarily about cash flow and the IRS.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. The simple secret is: awareness, commitment, automation, and consistency

Let’s keep more money in your business by simplifying your process, providing insight on the health of your business, gaining peace of mind, and understanding the value of “profit comes first”

What makes me different?

Our firm is one of the select few, nationwide, that are certified in Profit First. What does this mean for you?  I will guide you through the Profit First method of cash management so that you can greatly increase the profitability of your business.   We will manage your accounting, help you with your books, and prepare your tax returns – but the most important factor is maximizing your profits.

I have a strong belief in “business coaching”.   Business coaching provides you with invaluable direction and strategy throughout the year.

My specialty is to quickly access and understand your business, find ways to maximize your profit margin, and implement simple systems for timely and accurate bookkeeping information. When business owners have access to their numbers, in a way they can quickly review them, the business really excels. Once they begin to use concrete financial information to make better business decisions, success always follows. It’s true.

This is why all successful companies ~ small and large ~ have a great cash management system. It’s nearly impossible to have a financially healthy company without this critical function.

Save time. Make more money with on-line bookkeeping

Here’s just a small sampling of things that an on-line bookkeeping solution can offer.

  • Regular invoices can be set up to be emailed to your customers automatically.
  • Statements are issued to outstanding customers, without you having to do a thing
  • Information from your bank accounts are fed into your system every day, which keeps tracking simple
  • Your numbers will be up-to-date and IRS-compliant

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Here’s how the Hidden Profit Strategy works

We’ll start with a financial assessment, where we’ll get clear on the income, expenses and the financial goals for your business. We’ll create a customized profit strategy, to reduce unnecessary expenses, hit your revenue goals and maximize your profits.

Then, I’ll create your automated bookkeeping system. We can either work with what you’re already using, or we can use the solution I recommend. This can be flexible. The key is that we set up a simple tracking and accounting tool.

You’ll have access to your numbers daily.

Every month, I’ll lead you through a 30-Day Profit Analysis. I’ll give you a clear picture of all your numbers and yearly projections. I’ll also provide suggestions on ways to save (and keep) more of your money.

Every quarter, we’ll conduct a Profit Maximization Session. We’ll distribute your profit earnings, take care of your quarterly taxes and we’ll fine-tune your profit strategy (for increased efficiencies and increase profit margins.)

Throughout the year, I’ll be your non-judgmental financial partner. I’ll be 100% committed to seeing you succeed financially.

At yearly tax time, I’ll handle your individual and business tax preparation (at least an $800 value) to help you save hundreds to thousands on your taxes.

This investment will MORE than pay for itself.

I have yet to see where this type of financial awareness, strategy and automation hasn’t produced significant financial results for the business owner. It’s generally a pretty dramatic difference. And that doesn’t even begin to describe the intangible results, of feeling so much more empowered, confident, hopeful and a zillion pounds lighter.

Our process of maximizing your profits takes effect literally by your next deposit. There is no stretched, long consultative process or recommendations report that will sit on your shelf. We simply implement a few changes in your cash management and you are increasing your profitability from day one.

And if that’s not enough, I offer new clients a complimentary “2nd look review” of your previous year tax return. Let me look at your return to see if I can get you an additional refund from the IRS.

Are you ready to find and use your Hidden Profits?

For package details contact me TODAY to get started!