“We Provide More than Just Numbers”

Our firm is one of the select few, nationwide, that has received a certification in Profit First.

What does this mean for you?

Our focus is on increasing the profitability of your business.  We will, of course, manage your accounting, do your tax returns and help with your books…but any bookkeeper can do that.  Our profit-mentality is infused in everything we do. That’s what makes us unique. We’re committed to maximizing your profits by driving and increasing this most important financial factor into every area of your business.

We empower small business owners to find, keep, and earn more profit by providing them a clear picture of the financial health of their business, simple automation, and a profit growth strategy, utilizing the Profit First method of cash management.

We pride ourselves in our non-judgmental, non-techy jargon approach to show you what’s behind the numbers (and how to improve them.)

We offer an affordable, broad range of services for small business owners and individuals.

Our specialized services include:

  • Hidden Profit Strategy: Where we’ll do it all for you ~ financial strategy, bookkeeping and tax preparation. We help small business owners find more money and experience greater savings.
  • Profit Bootcamp: Where we teach and empower the entrepreneur in simplifying and automating their own bookkeeping and financial management.
  • Tax: We’re highly skilled in handling your tax preparation; planning and/or helping you resolve any IRS tax problems.
  • Payroll: Outsource your payroll to us. We understand that managing payroll can be very confusing, so we offer this worry-free service, so you can focus your time on doing what you do best – which is running your company.

We’ll be happy to offer you a complimentary Profit Potential Conversation. We’ll assess where you stand now, and give you concrete steps you can immediately take to grow your profits.  Just give us a call, or click here. Thanks for visiting!